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Hame Chiz Darbaareye Ezdevaaj

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Hame Chiz Darbaareye Ezdevaaj : سریال ترکی همه چیز درباره ازدواج 

Summary of the Story: a Successful Divorce Lawyer

She is a successful divorce lawyer based in Istanbul, working alongside her sister, Sanem, and their mother, who is a leader in the profession. They specialize in handling cases for influential and well-known clients. After graduating, She marries a person, a fellow lawyer, and they become parents to three children. Despite witnessing various issues inherent in her profession and suffering a significant setback from her father, She has always remained fully committed to the concept of marriage. However, the picture-perfect family life she had constructed for herself starts to unravel, leading to unforeseen challenges and dilemmas that test her beliefs and values.