Haft | Season-1 | Episode-9

haft : The Seven Actors:

Amir Jafari, Babak Hamidian, Hadiyeh Mir Amini, Reza Kianian, Ali Mosaffa, Mehdi Hashemi, Mina Sadati, Nazanin Bayati, Niki Karimi, Hanieh Tavassoli, Mehdi Hashemi, Panteha Bahram, Mahla Bagheri.

Summary of "Seven":

The story of this series revolves around seven students who turn to illicit means to make money. The main character of the story is Nazanin Bayati in the series called "Anil." Originally planned to be 7 episodes, the series eventually extended to 20 episodes. "We're friends, we stand by justice, we hit, we get hit, we kill, we get killed, the seven of us stick together to the end, but we don't forgive. Whatever happens in the end, we're still here, still seven!"

Latest News about "Seven":

Kiarash Asadi Zadeh: The series "Seven" will be aired on the seventh of Mordad (Iranian calendar month) / 6 minutes of the series are subject to inspection! | Honestly, I can't believe that out of 20 episodes, only about 6 minutes are under inspection. The atmosphere of the series "Seven" is disruptive compared to the ones made so far, to the extent that I had prepared myself for more inspection, but in the interaction that took place and the solutions proposed by the council members and me, ultimately, more than 6 minutes did not undergo inspection. / July 19, 1402 (Iranian calendar).

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  • Release date : Nov. 14, 2023
  • Director : Kiarash Asadi Zadeh
  • Actors: Nazanin Bayati Nazanin Bayati, Mahlegha Bagheri Mahlegha Bagheri, Amir Jafari Amir Jafari, Babak Hamidian Babak Hamidian, Ali Mosaffa Ali Mosaffa, Mehdi Hashemi Mehdi Hashemi, Niki Karimi Niki Karimi, Pantea Bahram Pantea Bahram
  • Writer : Kiarash Asadi Zadeh
  • Genre : crime
  • IMDB Rating :
  • Language : Persian
  • Trailer :
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