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Haft Sare Ejhdeha
Haft Sare Ejhdeha

Haft Sare Ejhdeha

Haft Sare Ejhdeha






Haft Sare Ejhdeha | Haft Sare Ejhdeha

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The TV series "Haft Sare Ejhdeha," directed by Abolghasem Talebi, is set to air during Ramadan and Nowruz 1403 on Channel Three of Iranian national television, Sima.

Storyline The story revolves around a privileged young man named Matin Soltankhah and several individuals involved in societal corruption and economic crimes, portraying the intricate web of influence and malpractice within the community.


  • Majid Vashghani as Matin Soltankhah
  • Hamid Goodarzi
  • Jafar Dehghan
  • Hamid Reza Safat as Mohammad Ali Rezai
  • Soroush Taheri
  • Shahram Abdoli
  • Mohammadreza Rahbari
  • Amin Zare
  • Hamidreza Hedayati
  • Mehrdad Ziaei
  • Aliram Nouraei
  • Alireza Jalili

This series aims to shed light on the complexities of power and corruption, exploring the challenges and moral dilemmas faced by those entangled in a web of economic and societal corruption.

Director :

Abolghasem Talebi