Gonaahe Fereshte

Gonaahe Fereshte

سریال گناه فرشته | Dec. 22, 2023

Stage : On air Release : None

سریال گناه فرشته : Gonaahe Fereshte : Fire isn't inherently bad; it merely consumes the excess, leaving behind what truly matters...

The title belongs to one of the upcoming series on the domestic network, recently announced for broadcast. Directed by Hamed Engha, this series marks his return to television directing in the late 70s.

While he directed a series for television in the late '70s, Hamed Engha shifted his focus entirely to scriptwriting afterward. Later on, he ventured into production as well...

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Director :

Hamed Ongha

Writer :

Hamed Ongha

Release Date :

Dec. 22, 2023

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