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Football 360 is an informational and sports content production platform, comprising a news website, mobile application, podcasts, Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as Telegram, YouTube, and Aparat channels. It was established in the winter of 2021 by the content production team of the program "90," led by Adel Ferdowsipour, following the suspension of the "90" program.

In April 2022, the Football 360 mobile application was introduced for the Android operating system and made available on Cafe Bazaar. The app received a positive response upon its initial release and has been installed on over 500,000 mobile devices to date.

Discussion-Centric Program: Football 360 features a recorded talk show hosted by Adel Ferdowsipour, broadcasted weekly on the Football 360 website, application, and YouTube channel. Each episode involves a discussion between the host and a guest on various football-related topics in Iran. The first episode was aired on May 26, 2022.

Podcasts: Football 360 offers two analytical podcasts dedicated to Iranian and international football. These podcasts are typically released weekly and can be listened to and downloaded from the Football 360 app or dedicated podcast platforms such as Castbox, Google Podcasts, and others.

  • Football 360 Podcast: This audio program provides a detailed analysis of Iranian football, focusing on the matches played during the past week. Initially hosted by Mojtaba Hashemi, Reza Abbaszadeh, and Hiva Yousefi, the current lineup includes Mojtaba Hashemi, Hiva Yousefi, Mohammad Mazafari, and Kamyar Moaein.

  • F360 International Podcast: This audio program focuses on the analysis of international football matches, specifically those in Europe. Originally hosted by Arash Haghighi, Pouyan Asgari, and Sanam Akhavi, the current hosts are Arash Haghighi, Sanam Akhavi, Mehdi Pakzad, and Daniel Izadi.

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Adel Ferdosipour
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