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Farari | سریال فراری

Farari : سریال فراری : The TV series "Farari" was previously filmed at Pol Kheshti in Langarud County and Lahijan, and it has also been shot on the roads of Shahriar and Robat Karim in Tehran Province.

Director Amir Dasargar discussed "Farari," stating that the series was filmed across more than 70 locations, with approximately a new location used every two days for shooting scenes.

He added that "Farari" focuses on responsible individuals and narrates a story from the 1990s. The plot starts in 1997, and to accurately depict this era, the set design team put in significant effort to create an authentic atmosphere, leading to an intensive post-production process to capture the essence of that time period.



  • Original title
  • Alternative titles
    سریال فراری
  • Director
    Amir Dasargar
  • Writer
    Amir Dasargar
  • Country
  • Release day
  • Release date
    July 10, 2024

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