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Faraar : سریال فرار : the protagonist Mohamad, a war photographer, along with a group of journalists, clandestinely enters Syria. However, they find themselves captured by ISIS soldiers, leading to a gripping tale of survival and resilience.

The narrative of 'Escape' revolves around the lives of two main characters, Mohamad and Zeinab. As war correspondents, they embark on a journey to cover the tumultuous events unfolding in a war-torn region. The series kicks off with Mohamad, the war photographer, and a group of journalists from various countries arriving in a village called Azidi for an investigative mission. However, when they become targets of an attack, they are forced to cross the border and navigate through obstacles to ensure their survival.

Throughout the series, viewers witness the challenges faced by Mohamad and Zeinab as they confront danger and uncertainty while striving to report the truth amidst chaos. 'Escape' is a gripping portrayal of courage, resilience, and the human spirit in the face of adversity."