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Eydi HD | سریال عیدی

Eydi HD : سریال عیدی HD : directed by Amin Kafashzadeh and produced in 1403, is a unique addition to the talk show genre. The series presents a refreshing twist by featuring a comedian engaging with beloved and newsworthy artistic personalities in the digital realm. As the comedian sits opposite these figures, viewers are treated to conversations that are anything but ordinary. With Amirhossein Ghasemi as the host, audiences can expect the unexpected as he navigates through a wide range of topics with his signature humor and wit. The show's format allows for spontaneity and unpredictability, making each episode a delightful experience for viewers.

The series captures the essence of modern digital culture, where social media and online platforms play a significant role in shaping public discourse. Through its engaging and unconventional approach, "Eydi HD" provides a fresh perspective on contemporary issues while also offering entertainment and laughter. With its talented host and dynamic format, the show has garnered attention and praise, becoming a popular choice among audiences seeking both insight and amusement in their viewing experience.



  • Original title
  • Alternative titles
    سریال عیدی
  • Director
    Amin Kafashzadeh
  • Writer
    Amin Kafashzadeh
  • Country
  • Release day
  • Release date
    April 14, 2024

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