Eftekhaar | Season-1 | Episode-7

Eftekhaar : سریال افتخار : The initial segments of the series are based on a real event that took place in 2006, when a group of high school students in South Korea subjected their classmate to repeated physical abuse for a month. They burned parts of his body and blackmailed him in the process.

Story Summary: Moon Dong-won (played by Song Hee-kyo) is a victim of school violence. After years have passed, he becomes a teacher and decides to seek revenge against his former classmates who subjected him to torture and severe harassment during his high school days....

This series unfolds around a true incident from 2006, where a high school student in South Korea endured a month-long ordeal of relentless bullying, physical harm, and extortion by his own classmates. The narrative follows Moon Dong-won (portrayed by Song Hee-kyo), who, having become a teacher, chooses to confront and retaliate against the classmates who tormented him during his high school years...

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  • Release date : Dec. 20, 2022
  • Director : None
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  • Writer : None
  • Genre : action
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  • Language : Persian
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