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Chand Shanbeh Ba Sina

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Chand Shanbeh Ba Sina : چند شنبه با سینا : "Chandshanbeh ba Sina" is a late-night Persian talk show that began broadcasting on October 27, 2013, on the Farsi1 channel. The show, created by Sina Valiollah, gained popularity for its engaging content and notable interviews with various Iranian personalities, including athletes like Hamid Estili, musicians such as Reza Rouhani and Ebi, and other celebrities like Andy (Andranik Madadian) and Shery M. With 119 episodes over four seasons, the program provided a platform for guests to share their stories and insights, creating a valuable archive of personal narratives.

However, in January 2017, following the closure of Farsi1, the show ceased its television broadcast. Sina Valiollah continued the program under the title "Sina Show" on Radio Javan's satellite channel, Yahsat, introducing some changes, including a new assistant named Gringo replacing Misa Misaq. Despite these efforts, the broadcast on Radio Javan halted in the second half of 2018 after 50 episodes across two seasons, and the show moved to the MBC Persia TV channel. "Sina Show" is currently aired on Fridays at 21:00 Iran time on MBC Persia.

The program format includes several segments:

Stand-up Comedy: Sina opens the show with a 15-minute comedy set, often poking fun at political figures and societal norms.
Confidential: A brief discussion between Sina and Shadi about a topic related to the episode's theme.
Cheezmeez: A short animation criticizing the Iranian government's policies, directed by Vahid Nikgoo, with Sina voicing characters.
Interview (Casual): A 45-minute interview with the episode's guest, where Sina and Shadi engage in a candid conversation and occasionally dance.
Game: A short segment where Sina plays a game with the guest.
Music: The show concludes with a music performance, featuring a different song each episode.
"Chandshanbeh ba Sina" has succeeded in creating a unique blend of humor, critical commentary, and insightful interviews, making it a cherished program among Persian-speaking audiences worldwide.