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Aghaye Ghazi | آقای قاضی

Aghaye Ghazi : آقای قاضی : "Aghaye Ghazi," a 2022 drama series from Channel Two, tells the stories of a judge's rulings. The courtroom drama, which aired in 43 episodes, presents a gripping look at legal proceedings. The second season, produced by Seyyed Hessam Hosseini, premiered on Thursday, May 17. The head writer for this season is Hossein Barkeati, with Amir Hossein Javaheri and Roya Nejadshojaei collaborating.

Plot Summary

Each episode of "Aghaye Ghazi" features two separate cases. In every episode, either two individuals or groups (plaintiff and defendant in criminal cases, or claimant and respondent in civil cases) present their disputes in court. The judge listens to their arguments and delivers a verdict. The cases cover a wide range of issues, including theft, assault, breach of trust, verbal harassment, and more.

Cast and Crew

The series stars Behzad Khalaj as the judge, a familiar face from theater, film, and television. The supporting cast includes approximately 300 actors, all primarily from the theater world, making their television debut. The narrator for the series is Touraj Mehrzadian.

For those interested in legal dramas and courtroom stories, "Aghaye Ghazi" provides an engaging and thought-provoking viewing experience.


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