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2 Shot : The series "2Shot," directed by Ali Mirmirani in 2023, is an Iranian talk show that debuted its first episode on October 10, 2023, on Filimo. "2Shot" is a reality talk show that weekly discusses the latest happenings around its guests, particularly focusing on social media activities, similar to the format of "The Jimmy Kimmel Show." At the end of each episode, some tweets posted by the public are read, and the guest reacts to them.

"2Shot" is broadcast every Tuesday on Filimo.

Kambiz Dirbaz was the guest of the first episode of "2Shot," hosted by Ali Mirmirani. He discussed the challenges of playing the character Talouei in the series "Zakhm Kari" and the public's reactions.

Ali Mirmirani, with a detailed look into Kambiz Dirbaz's artistic background and through straightforward and intimate questions, critiqued him. They also discussed the controversies surrounding his work, personal life, and even incidents he has experienced, marking the first time such topics were openly addressed on the show.