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The film "Imagination," a drama and romance production of the year 1399, is directed and written by Ali Bahrad, with production by Javad Norouzbeygi. Its original name was "Herman," and the filming took place from Esfand 1399 to Farvardin 1400. Leila Hatami and Mehrdad Seddiqian are the main actors.

Set in a fantasy and imaginative context, "Imagination" narrates the story of a young taxi driver who picks up passengers with a similar face every night and listens to their stories. The young man falls in love with a sweet pastry chef but struggles to express his love for her. Therefore, he begins to fantasize about her, creating empty spaces in the film's story that the audience is responsible for filling with their imagination.

Leila Hatami
Leila Hatami
Oct. 2, 1972
Views: 480
Mehrdad Sedighian
Mehrdad Sedighian
Feb. 7, 1988
Views: 354