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Shekastane 20 Ostokhan : شکستن همزمان بیست استخوان : (original title: شکستن همزمان بیست استخوان), written and directed by Jamshid Mahmoudi and produced by Navid Mahmoudi in 2017, is a poignant film production. This film represented Afghanistan's cinema at the 91st Academy Awards, showcasing its international acclaim. Furthermore, it was honored as the Best Film at the prestigious Busan International Film Festival, highlighting its critical success and the impactful storytelling it brings to the global stage.

The film began its theatrical run in Iran on September 13, 2019, drawing audiences to its compelling narrative.

Plot Summary:
Azim, portrayed by Mohsen Tanabandeh, is an Afghan refugee working in Tehran's municipality, striving to support his family—his mother and his brother Farouq (played by Mojtaba Pirzadeh)—in their quest to migrate illegally to Germany. However, in a twist of fate, Farouq decides against taking their mother along at the last moment, and Azim discovers that his mother urgently needs a transplant. Faced with a heart-wrenching decision, Azim must choose between his own life and his mother's well-being.


Mohsen Tanabandeh as Azim
Mojtaba Pirzadeh as Farouq
Fereshteh Hosseini as Hengameh
Saeed Changizian as Hashem
Alireza Ostadi as Fazel
"Shekastane 20 Ostokhan" delves into themes of sacrifice, familial bonds, and the desperate measures one may take for the sake of loved ones. The film's exploration of the refugee experience, coupled with its emotional depth and the performances of its cast, especially that of Mohsen Tanabandeh, brings to life a story that resonates with audiences far and wide, making it a significant work in contemporary Afghan cinema.

Mohsen Tanabande
Mohsen Tanabande
April 15, 1975
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Alireza Ostadi
Alireza Ostadi
April 4, 1973
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Saeed Changizian
Saeed Changizian
Dec. 22, 1977
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Fereshteh Hosseini
Fereshteh Hosseini
April 26, 1997
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