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Samurai dar Berlin : سامورایی در برلین : "Samurai in Berlin" is a comedy film directed and written by Mehdi Naderi, produced by Abolfazl Safari, and released in 2019. The movie premiered in Iranian cinemas on May 8, 2019.

Plot Summary
The story follows three individuals (played by Hamid Farokhnezhad, Mir Taher Mazloumi, and Amir Mehdi Jouleh) involved in dubious activities such as check fraud. For a business matter related to a land deed, they travel to Berlin, leading to a series of comedic and unexpected events.


Hamid Farokhnezhad as Jamshid Samurai, a swindler and husband of Yasmin
Amir Mehdi Jouleh as Fari Nardboun, a swindler
Mir Taher Mazloumi as Mehdi Koochooloo, a swindler
Houman Haji Abdollahi as Gol Mohammad, a singer
Mitra Hajjar as the driver's wife
Gohar Kheirandish as Naneh Soghra, Jamshid's mother
Saman Safari as Farhad, Asadi's nephew and Lisa's husband
Ahmad Samenar as Vafa, the garden owner, Asadi's friend and foe, husband of Maryam, and father of Yasmin
Nader Mashayekhi as Asadi, Vafa's friend and foe
Renee Stoltz as Yasmin, daughter of Vafa and Maryam, and wife of Jamshid
Mohsen Hosseini as Younes, servant of Vafa and Yasmin
Azadeh Esmaeilkhani as Gol Mohammad's wife
"Samurai in Berlin" weaves a comedic narrative around the misadventures of its protagonists in a foreign land, showcasing the talents of a notable ensemble cast and delivering humor through its cross-cultural and situational comedy.

Amir Mahdi Jule
Amir Mahdi Jule
Aug. 18, 1979
Views: 460
Hamid Farrokhnejad
Hamid Farrokhnejad
April 17, 1969
Views: 426
Mitra Hajjar
Mitra Hajjar
Feb. 3, 1978
Views: 430
Mir Taher Mazloomi
Mir Taher Mazloomi
Feb. 25, 1975
Views: 316
Gohar Kheyrandish
Gohar Kheyrandish
Aug. 21, 1954
Views: 266
Hooman Hajabdollahi
Hooman Hajabdollahi
June 14, 1974
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