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Pilot : پیلوت (فیلم) : "Pilot" is a film directed by Ebrahim Ebrahimiyan and produced by Mohammadreza Misbah, released in 2017.

Film Summary
The story centers on Vahid (played by Hamidreza Azarang), who finds out that his wife has taken their four-year-old son to Tehran for heart surgery without his permission. He, along with his brother Saeid, rushes to Tehran, setting the stage for a complex crisis between them.


Javad Ezzati as Saeid
Hamidreza Azarang as Vahid
Saeid Aghakhani as Hassan
Behdokht Valian as Fahimeh
Banipal Shomon as the Police Officer
Gilda Vishki as Mrs. Mohebi
Pariyoush Nazarieh as the Doctor
"Pilot" explores the emotional and moral complexities faced by families during medical crises, highlighting the challenges of communication, decision-making, and the bonds that hold them together in the face of adversity.

Javad Ezzati
Javad Ezzati
Jan. 11, 1982
Views: 514
Hamidreza Azarang
Hamidreza Azarang
May 23, 1972
Views: 354
Saeed Aghakhani
Saeed Aghakhani
Feb. 23, 1972
Views: 288
Banipal Shoomoon
Banipal Shoomoon
Nov. 24, 1978
Views: 304