Par Sefid : فیلم سینمایی پر سفید : White Feather"

"White Feather" is a poignant cinematic journey that revolves around fifty-year-old Homayoun, a man who has never married and dedicates himself to caring for his elderly father. When Homayoun strikes a deal with his close friend Kambooz, it sets off a series of events that profoundly impact his and his father's lives.

Directed and produced by Behzad Boroujani, "White Feather" offers a compelling exploration of human relationships and the complexities of familial duty. Set against the backdrop of contemporary Iran, the film delves into themes of sacrifice, friendship, and the search for identity.

Starring Hassan Purshirazi, Reza Naji, Mahmoud Nazaralian, Kamran Tafti, Behzad Boroujani, Fatemeh Alavi, Panteha Akigbadi, Zahra Sadat Mortazavi, and Amirhossein Saemi, the film boasts a talented cast whose performances breathe life into their characters.

With its nuanced storytelling and evocative cinematography, "White Feather" captivates audiences with its emotional depth and thought-provoking narrative. As Homayoun grapples with the consequences of his decisions, the film offers insights into the complexities of human nature and the universal quest for fulfillment and belonging.

"White Feather" is a cinematic gem that resonates with audiences worldwide, offering a poignant reflection on the intricacies of life and the enduring bonds of love and friendship.

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  • Release date : 2024-02-07
  • Director : Behzad Broujeni
  • Actors: Hassan Pourshirazi Hassan Pourshirazi, Kamran Tafti Kamran Tafti
  • Writer : Behzad Broujeni
  • Genre : Drama, Family
  • IMDB Rating : 7
  • Language : Persian
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  • Tags: Par Sefid پر سفید فیلم سینمایی پر سفید تماشای فیلم پر سفید نمایش فیلم سینمایی پر سفید film pare sefid
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