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Mardi Bedoone Sayeh : مردی بدون سایه : directed, written, and produced by Alireza Raissian in 2018, is a significant entry in Iranian cinema, marking the third installment in Raissian's trilogy following "Forty Years Old" and "The Period of Love." Filmed in Iran and Spain, the movie was featured in the 37th Fajr Film Festival and delves into the emotional and marital relationships of contemporary humans, with a special focus on the social issues prevalent in today's society.

Film Plot:
The story follows Mahan Koushan (played by Ali Mosaffa), who, after making a documentary about violence, finds his life in jeopardy. His wife, Saieh (played by Leila Hatami), passionately comes to his aid. However, a series of complex events radically alters everything, ensnaring Mahan in the very violence his documentary explored.


Leila Hatami as Saieh Tamadon
Ali Mosaffa as Mahan Koushiar
Farhad Aslani as The Interrogator
Amir Aghaee as Foad Dasht Ara
Gohar Kheirandish as Saieh's Mother
Nader Fallah as Hooman Fateh
Nasim Adabi as Foad's Wife
Siamak Atlas as The Landlord
Behafarid Ghaffarian as The Young Girl
Shahram Jamshidi as The Young Boy
Simon Simonian as The Network Manager
Hesam Noorani
Avisa Sajjadi as Yasi
Panteha Siros as Cousin
Azadeh Esmaeilkhani as Ghaderi
"A Man Without a Shadow" navigates through intricate human emotions and societal challenges, presenting a narrative rich with complexity and depth. The film's exploration of themes such as violence, love, and the impact of societal issues on personal relationships showcases Raissian's adept storytelling and cinematic vision. The cast, led by Leila Hatami and Ali Mosaffa, delivers powerful performances that bring the film's intricate narrative to life, making it a noteworthy contribution to the landscape of Iranian cinema.

Amir Aghaei
Amir Aghaei
Aug. 1, 1970
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Ali Mosaffa
Ali Mosaffa
Dec. 1, 1966
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Leila Hatami
Leila Hatami
Oct. 2, 1972
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Farhad Aslani
Farhad Aslani
June 8, 1966
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Gohar Kheyrandish
Gohar Kheyrandish
Aug. 21, 1954
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