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Maah Dar Jangal

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Maah Dar Jangal : ماه در جنگل : "Moon in the Forest" is an Iranian film directed, produced, and written by Siamak Shayeghi, released in 2015.

Plot Summary:
The story centers around Agha Mohram, an experienced forest ranger of the underwater forests in Mazandaran, who has been severely injured by timber smugglers and is hospitalized. His young son, Yahya, despite being reluctant to follow in his father’s footsteps, takes Agha Mohram back to their forest cabin to take care of him and, by necessity, the forest. However, the wood smugglers continue their destructive activities, challenging Yahya's resolve.


Ladan Mostofi
Azita Hajiyan
Farbad Farhang
Mahsa Tahmasbi
Razgar Khatari
Kivan Zand
Arman Sultan-Zadeh
Ali Azimi
The film portrays the struggle between preserving nature and the illegal exploitation of resources, highlighting the personal and environmental conflicts arising from these issues.

Azita Hajian
Azita Hajian
Jan. 11, 1958
Views: 450
Mahsa Tahmasebi
Mahsa Tahmasebi
Nov. 1, 1993
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Ladan Mostofi
Ladan Mostofi
March 10, 1973
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