Looneh Zanboor :  is an Iranian film directed by Barzou Niknejad, written by Mohsen Kiayi, and produced by Saeed Khani. The film, released in 2017, is based on the American film "Entrapment" (1999).

Saber (Pejman Jamshidi) and Morteza (Mohsen Kiayi) are two cousins engaged in theft. Their lives take a complicated turn when they steal a box from Mahatab (Rana Azadivar), Saber's father's mistress. In the process, they end up killing Saber's father and Mahatab's brother. To avoid the consequences, they bury the stolen goods but later find out Mahatab is alive and is on their trail.

After ten days, they return to Tehran from the funeral in the countryside, only to discover that Mahatab and her brother are now police officers, and the building where they buried the loot has become a dormitory for female students. The story unfolds as they attempt to retrieve the stolen goods, encountering various challenges and facing the suspicions of the police.

The film features Pejman Jamshidi, Mohsen Kiayi, Rana Azadivar, and others in key roles. The title "Lone Beehive" metaphorically represents the entangled and complex social dynamics depicted in the movie.

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  • Release date : 2017-02-29
  • Director : Brouz Niknejad
  • Actors: Rana Azadivar Rana Azadivar, Bahare Kianafshar Bahare Kianafshar, Farid Sajjadi Hosseini Farid Sajjadi Hosseini, Pejman Jamshidi Pejman Jamshidi, Mohsen Kiaei Mohsen Kiaei, Houman Barghnavard Houman Barghnavard
  • Writer : Saeed Khani
  • Genre : Comedy
  • IMDB Rating : 8
  • Language : Persian
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