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Jene Ziba : جن زیبا : The storyline you've described seems to be a plot of a dramatic and emotional film, focusing on the characters Yedollah (played by Farhad Aslani), a man working in a psychiatric hospital who has recently become a widower, and Delaram (played by Nurgül Yeşilçay), a patient in the hospital seeking to see her child with Yedollah's help. The narrative deepens with the introduction of Yedollah's struggle with loneliness and grief in his large, old house following his wife's death a year ago, leading up to a supernatural twist where his deceased wife is taken away by a jinn as he approaches the door.


Nurgül Yeşilçay as Delaram
Farhad Aslani as Yedollah
Leila Zare as Yedollah's daughter
Leila Moosavi as Nurse Fatemeh
Mehram Zeinalzadeh as the Guard
Houshang Radipour as Haj Hossein
This setup offers a rich tapestry for exploring themes of loss, loneliness, and perhaps the supernatural, all woven through the interactions and relationships of the characters within the confines of a psychiatric hospital.

Farhad Aslani
Farhad Aslani
June 8, 1966
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Nurgul Yesilcay
Nurgul Yesilcay
March 26, 1976
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Leila Zare
Leila Zare
Oct. 13, 1980
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