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Internete Naamahdood : اینترنت نامحدود : A Glimpse into the Lives of a Young Couple"

"Unlimited Internet" is an Iranian film that delves into the story of a young couple whose lives undergo significant changes due to the presence of unlimited and high-speed internet in their home.

Directed by Ehsan Mirhosseini and written by Shahrad Mirhosseini, this family-oriented film provides insight into the impact of technology on modern relationships and family dynamics.

Released in 2017 (1396 in the Iranian calendar), "Unlimited Internet" offers a thought-provoking narrative that reflects on the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.


Banipal Shomon

Bahar Jahanara

With its talented cast and compelling storyline, "Unlimited Internet" explores the complexities of contemporary life in the digital era, making it a must-watch for audiences interested in family dramas with a modern twist.

Banipal Shoomoon
Banipal Shoomoon
Nov. 24, 1978
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