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Gilda : گیلدا (فیلم) : "Gilda" is a film directed and produced by Omid Bankdar and Keyvan Alimohammadi, with Mohammad Reza Mesbah serving as the project executive and investor, released in 2016. The movie features Gilda, the owner of the Sepid (White) Restaurant, who experiences the darkest night of her life. She has until the day after tomorrow to save her life...


  • Mahnaz Afshar
  • Hamed Komeili
  • Siavash Mofidi
  • Hadi Hejazifar
  • Hamid Reza Pegah
  • Reza Shafiei Jam
  • Morteza Esmaeil Kashian
  • Saeed Changizian
  • Farrokh Nemati

Music: The soundtrack of "Gilda" was composed by Bamdad Afshar. Additionally, the opening and closing credits songs were created by Macan Eshgvari, and a piece featuring a duet by Mehrdad Mehdi and Afshin Esfandiari accompanies animated images by Bozorgmehr Hosseinpur in the film.

This narrative and ensemble cast highlight a suspenseful and emotionally charged storyline, with music that complements the film's intense and dramatic atmosphere.

Hamed Komaily
Hamed Komaily
July 5, 1982
Views: 384
Mahnaz Afshar
Mahnaz Afshar
June 11, 1977
Views: 418
Hadi Hejazifar
Hadi Hejazifar
June 7, 1976
Views: 328
Reza Shafieijam
Reza Shafieijam
June 30, 1971
Views: 276
Hamidreza Pegah
Hamidreza Pegah
Jan. 1, 1972
Views: 258