Bokhaarest | فیلم ایرانی بخارست

Bokhaarest : فیلم ایرانی بخارست : "Bucharest" is an Iranian comedy film directed by Seyed Masoud Atyabi, written by Hamzeh Salehi, and produced by Ali Toloie. The film was released in 2022 (1401).

Plot Summary: The story revolves around two brothers, Jalil and Jalal. Jalal works as a rideshare driver, and Jalil is employed at a pool named "Bucharest." Jalil aims to generate income through his Instagram page, creating risky hidden camera videos. One of these hidden cameras captures an incident at the pool, leading them into a series of troubles.


  1. Hossein Yari as Jalal
  2. Peyman Jamshidi as Jalil
  3. Amirhossein Arman as Aabed Abedi
  4. Hadi Kazemi as Sina
  5. Iman Safa as Rahim
  6. Gholamreza Nikkhoo as Agha Joon
  7. Ghazal Nazar as Laleh
  8. Pouneh Ashourpour as Dorna
  9. Vahid Aghapour as Police Inspector
  10. Erfan Ebrahimi as Ebrahim
  11. Reza Bahbodi as Kamal Azizi
  12. Babak Karimi as Mr. Abedi
  13. Davoud Shirali as Mr. Sergeant

The film features a mix of comedy and drama as the characters navigate the challenges arising from the hidden camera incident. The cast includes well-known Iranian actors, and the movie explores themes of humor, family dynamics, and the consequences of social media activities.


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