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Shamshad TV : Shamshad Media Network: Bridging Pashto Culture and Beyond


  • Name: Shamshad Media Network (شمشاد)
  • Established: 2005
  • Base: Afghanistan and Dubai
  • Type: Private and Independent Network

Broadcast Area:

  • Shamshad Media Network caters to a significant portion of Afghanistan where ethnic Pashtuns reside, including isolated areas.
  • Programs are primarily (85%) in Pashto, covering a diverse range of content such as educational shows, news, family dramas, musical shows, comedy programs, children's game shows, women empowerment programs, Islamic educational programs, political and current affairs programs, entertainment programs, sports programs, and criminal incidents programs.


  • Towers installed to cover remote districts, especially in the south.
  • Free-to-air services provided to viewers in various provinces including Kabul, Nangarhar, Balkh, Kandahar, Herat, and more.
  • Cable operators extend coverage to major cities.
  • New transmitters in Spin Boldak and Torkham for terrestrial coverage across the border.
  • Coverage extended to tribal areas in Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan by cable operators.

Media Platforms:

  • Television (Shamshad TV): Began transmitting in 2005, primarily broadcasting in Pashto.

Affiliated Entities:

  • Shamshad Radio: An integral part of Shamshad Media Network.

Coverage Platforms:

  • Terrestrial (80% coverage)
  • Cable Operator Major Cities
  • Satellite (57 Countries)
  • Live Stream Major Cities
  • IPTV (Worldwide)
  • Social Media (Worldwide)

Shamshad Media Network, through its television and radio entities, stands as a significant cultural and informational hub for Pashto-speaking audiences. The diverse range of programming reflects the network's commitment to providing content that resonates with local communities while utilizing various platforms to reach a global audience.