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Music Channel, Persian Channel Last updated : 2024-02-25

PMC Royal : launched on May 9, 2003, from Amsterdam, embodies the passion and vision needed to give a new voice to Iranian youth. As a leading force in Iranian media, PMC continually pushes the boundaries of content and coverage. With 24/7 programming spanning various popular musical genres and a unique fusion of Persian, Arabic, and Western Music, PMC has rapidly become the most popular television channel in Iran.

PMC stands at the forefront of entertainment for Iranian youth, offering a fresh perspective on media. It is the first free-to-air satellite TV channel that dynamically responds to the current needs of the younger generation in Iran. Broadcasting on Hotbird, Astra, and Yah-live satellites, PMC reaches audiences in Iran, the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Recent estimates suggest that PMC is available on 14 million receivers in Iran alone, boasting a daily viewership of over 8 million.

Founded and led by Dutch Iranian entrepreneur Mehrdad E Kia, residing in the Netherlands since 1975, PMC has become a symbol of a new era in Persian music television. PMC continues to evolve, with upcoming channels PMC FAMILY and PMC SPORTS set to enrich its offerings in 2023/24.

PMC, short for Persian Media Corporation or Persian Music Channel, is a free-to-air satellite TV network headquartered in Luzern, Switzerland. Launched in 2003, the network focuses on Persian music videos featuring ex-pat Iranian singers and those based in Iran. PMC's widespread viewership extends to Iran, Europe, the Middle East, and North America through free-to-air satellite broadcasts. Over the years, PMC has adapted its broadcasting frequencies, including shifts from Hotbird to Astra and back to Hotbird, and expansions to other satellites like Eutelsat 7A and Eutelsat 7B.

Whether through cable in Dubai and Qatar or digital receivers worldwide, PMC MUSIC continues to captivate audiences with its diverse and vibrant musical programming.

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