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Nava TV : Television Networks Supervised by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB):

1. National Networks:

  • Channel 1 (Shabakeh Yek): General programs, news, and diverse documentaries.
  • Channel 2 (Shabakeh Do): Educational content, cultural programs, and documentaries.
  • Channel 3 (Shabakeh Se): Youth-oriented content, sports, and entertainment.

2. International Networks:

  • IRIB Quran: Religious and cultural programs with a focus on Islamic teachings.
  • IRINN (Islamic Republic of Iran News Network): News, current affairs, and documentaries in English.
  • Hispan TV: Spanish-language channel providing news and cultural programs.
  • Al-Alam News Network: News and documentaries in Arabic, with a focus on the Middle East.
  • Press TV: International news and documentaries in English.

3. Provincial and Local Networks:

  • Various regional channels providing local news, cultural programs, and regional content.

These television networks, managed by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, have a global reach, and some are dedicated to specific languages worldwide.