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Kalemeh TV : A Satellite Channel for the Sunni Community in Iran

Kaleme TV stands as one of the satellite television channels for the Sunni community in Iran, broadcasting in the Persian language from its base in London. The core focus of its programs revolves around promoting and educating on Sunni religious teachings, as well as addressing religious, political, and social topics with a specific emphasis on Iran and Afghanistan.

Programs: The channel features approximately 27 live and recorded programs, operating on a 24-hour basis. In recent years, Persian-dubbed versions of television series such as "Omar," "Muawiyah," "Hasan and Husayn," and "Salah al-Din Ayyubi" have been broadcasted on Kaleme TV.

Audience: The primary audience of Kaleme TV comprises residents of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. However, the channel's programs are accessible in Europe and the Middle East through satellite broadcasts, and globally via live internet streaming.

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