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Iran Aryaee : Iran e Aryaee TV: Advocating Free Speech and Political Reform


  • Name: Iran e Aryaee TV
  • Nature: Iranian television station
  • Philosophy: Advocate for free speech and campaign for a political system that separates religion from state.
  • Role: Opposition media outlet against the Islamic government of Iran.

Mission and Values:

  • Free Speech Advocate: Holds a strong position as a network that protects free speech.
  • Political Stance: Openly campaigns for a political system that separates religion from the state.
  • Opposition Role: Acts as an opposition media outlet, providing a platform for Iranians and friends of Iran critical of the existing political system.


  • Founder: Launched under the leadership of Reaza Cyrus Pahlavi, heir to the throne of Persia.

Purpose and Role:

  • Reporting Focus: Primarily reports on restrictions on freedom and human rights violations in Iran.
  • Inspiration: Inspired by the Aryan invasion theory, aims to use the dedication of the Aryans to expose shortcomings in Iran's Islamic regime.
  • Campaign for Reform: Advocates for a new, more democratic political system in Iran.

Content and Coverage:

  • Perspective Beyond Establishment Media: Offers an alternative perspective of Iran beyond the establishment media.
  • Forum for Free Expression: Acts as a real forum for the free expression of opinions.
  • Objective Coverage: Objectively covers political and social events in Iran.

Viewer Engagement:

  • Audience Profile: Attracts analyst viewers, mainly Iranian consultants and participants.
  • Discussion Focus: Engages in discussions about Iran's current realities and its future.
  • Addressing Critical Issues: Focuses on addressing critical issues, including the fight against international terrorism.

Iran e Aryaee TV, led by Reaza Cyrus Pahlavi, emerges as a platform that not only provides an alternative narrative but also actively engages in the advocacy of free speech and political reform in Iran. Its commitment to objective coverage and discussions involving critical issues positions it as a unique voice within the media landscape, offering viewers a glimpse of Iran beyond mainstream perspectives.