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ICC TV: شبکه آی سی سی : Embark on a Cinematic Journey - Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of ICC TV, the Iranian Cinema Channel. Join us for a captivating live broadcast that showcases the richness of Iranian cinema, featuring a curated selection of films, documentaries, and cinematic masterpieces.

Experience the diversity of Iranian storytelling through a blend of classic and contemporary works that capture the essence of the nation's cultural and artistic heritage. ICC TV brings the magic of Iranian cinema directly to your screen, offering a front-row seat to the creativity and brilliance of Iranian filmmakers.

Tune in to ICC TV live for an exclusive and immersive cinematic experience. Discover the depth of Iranian storytelling, explore the nuances of its film industry, and indulge in the beauty of Persian cinema. Join us on ICC TV as we celebrate the artistry and creativity of Iranian filmmakers, bringing the magic of cinema to audiences worldwide.