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GEM Rubix , also known as پخش زنده شبکه جم روبیکس in Persian, is a prominent Iranian entertainment satellite channel group with its headquarters situated in Istanbul, Turkey. The network has expanded its reach by launching channels in Arabic, Kurdish, and Persian to cater to a diverse audience.

Established in 2006, GEM Television is owned and managed by the GEM Group, which was founded in 2001.

The current programming on GEM TV encompasses a variety of content, including movies, documentaries, and acquired programs. Notably, the channel features popular international shows such as America's Got Talent and The X Factor. Additionally, GEM airs Turkish TV series like Magnificent Century, Kuzey Güney, Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?, and Merhamet, all presented to the audience with either Persian dubbing or subtitles. This diverse range of programming reflects GEM TV's commitment to providing entertainment across different genres and languages.