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Ganje Hozoor : emerges as a non-commercial, Persian-language television and internet network dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and self-discovery. Led by the visionary Parviz Shahbazi, this network delves into a unique blend of theosophy, self-awareness, self-improvement, and applied behavioral insights in daily life. The thematic core revolves around a comparative exploration of mystical poetry from Iranian luminaries such as "Hafez" and "Molavi" (with a particular focus on Molavi's "Mathnawi").

The Maestro Behind the Wisdom: Parviz Shahbazi

Parviz Shahbazi, an eminent theosophist, author, and program creator, spearheads Ganj-e Hozoor TV. His presentations encapsulate a form of positive life philosophy intertwined with his personal interpretations of the mystical poetry of Molavi, Hafez, and other mystics. Currently residing in California, USA, Shahbazi enriches the audience with his insights into life's mysteries.

A Spiritual and Intellectual Offering: Program Highlights

  1. Theosophical Exploration: Ganj-e Hozoor TV provides a platform for an in-depth examination of theosophical concepts, offering viewers a spiritual and intellectual journey.

  2. Comparative Poetry Analysis: The network meticulously dissects and draws parallels between the mystical poetry of renowned Iranian poets, providing a nuanced understanding of their profound verses.

  3. Self-Improvement Narratives: Shahbazi emphasizes the journey to self-liberation from psychological burdens, guiding viewers towards a life imbued with self-awareness and connection with the divine.