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Didgah TV : Academic Journey and Teaching Career in Sociology

Background: Kourosh Erfani was born in 1965 in Tehran, Iran. His childhood and adolescence were spent in the bustling neighborhoods of Tehran. At the age of thirteen, the 1979 Revolution took place. In the aftermath, he pursued studies in social economics during high school.

Academic Pursuits: In 1983, Kourosh entered university, specializing in social sciences with a focus on social communications and journalism. He successfully completed his undergraduate studies in 1986. After completing his military service, which coincided with active participation in the war, he went to France to continue his education.

Education in France: In France, he pursued a degree in Sociology, obtaining his Bachelor's in 1992, Master's in 1993, and began his doctoral studies in History, Culture, and Society in 1994. He initiated his Ph.D. studies in 1995 and successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the social roots of the Iranian Revolution in 1997. The thesis was subsequently published as an independent book.

Teaching and Academic Contributions: After completing his education in 1998, Kourosh commenced teaching at the University of Paris VIII. Simultaneously, he taught sociology of Middle Eastern countries at the Sorbonne Language School. He also engaged in teaching related to human resources management and professional communications in several private higher education institutions in France.

International Academic Engagements: Beyond France, Kourosh Erfani taught various courses in the fields of management and economics, specializing in political sociology and sociology of work, in accredited universities in North America.

Kourosh Erfani's life and career have been marked by a commitment to education, an extensive academic journey, and contributions to the fields of sociology, history, and culture, particularly in the context of the Iranian Revolution.

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