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Caltex Records, a distinguished record label rooted in Los Angeles, California, has been a cornerstone in the Persian music industry since its inception in 1980. Founded by Iranian American immigrant Mehrdad Pakravan, the label has devoted itself to nurturing and promoting Iranian music talent across the globe.

In the mid-1990s, Caltex Records became a significant force in the Persian music scene, representing an impressive 75% of Persian musical artists worldwide. This surge in representation was largely due to the exodus of musicians from Iran following the government's ban on popular music, prompting artists to seek new platforms for their work.

Through its commitment to quality and authenticity, Caltex Records has played a pivotal role in preserving and broadcasting Persian cultural heritage, allowing it to thrive and reach new audiences despite political and social hurdles. By providing a voice to a multitude of Iranian artists, Caltex Records has cemented its legacy as a beacon of artistic freedom and expression in the Persian music community.