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BN Sport : BNSport, a sports news website, commenced its journey in 1391 (2012) and holds registration as a social and sports information platform in Persian with the number 75914 in the Press Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.


In the year 1390 (2011), a sports page on Facebook, managed by 20 writers and football analysts, initiated its activities. Over time, this group decided to expand its reach by establishing a dedicated website.

Subsequently, in 1391 (2012), BNSport officially began its operations as one of the flagship media outlets in the Top Picks series. The website is considered one of the knowledge-based Type 2 entities in the country.

Archives and Leadership:

Archived by the Wayback Machine on August 22, 2020, BNSport allows users to register and contribute content. The current editor-in-chief of BNSport is Masoud Ebrahimi, with Mehdi Hajaberi serving as the managing editor.

Filtering Challenges:

In 1395 (2016), BNSport faced a written request from IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) due to the live broadcast of sports competitions, resulting in the site being filtered. The complete removal of the live streaming feature eventually led to the lifting of the filtering, as BNSport cited the legal prohibition as the reason behind the IRIB's request.

BNSport continues to be a prominent platform for sports enthusiasts, providing a rich source of sports news and information in the Persian language.