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Ariana News : Ariana Television Network (ATN) stands as a prominent private television network based in Kabul, Afghanistan. Established in 2005 by Afghan-American Ehsan Bayat, owner of the Afghan Wireless Communication Company, ATN quickly became a leading channel in Afghanistan with terrestrial coverage in 33 out of 34 provinces. Here's an overview of its history, programming, and notable shows:


  • Launched in the summer of 2005, ATN began its international broadcasts in 2006.
  • In 2014, the channel underwent a rebranding with a new logo.
  • Ariana News, a sister channel dedicated to broadcasting news all day, was launched in the same year.


  • ATN offers a diverse range of social, cultural, political, and entertaining programs aimed at showcasing pure Afghan culture.
  • Notable shows include "Entekhāb-e Binendahā" (Viewer's Choice), "Parwāna-hā" (Butterflies), "Cinemā," "Warzesh" (Sports), "Setārahā-ye Rangin" (Colored Stars), and the annual ATN Awards.
  • "59-Minute Duel" is a popular cooking show where two rival cooks have exactly 59 minutes to prepare a three-part course based on a unique ingredient. The winner is awarded the title of "The Golden Chef."
  • Comedy character Motakhases, known from the former "Khanda Hāy-e Girya Dār" comedy show, has been featured on Ariana TV.

Other Airing Programs:

  • "Mehmān-e Man"
  • "Yādeman"
  • "Yoz-Ma-Yuz" (Uzbek)
  • "Bouy-e Māh"
  • "Darman"
  • "Techpedia"
  • "Saat-e-10"
  • "Musafir"
  • "Sobh-o-Zendagi"
  • "Marā Bebakhsh" (Dari translation of Turkish drama "Beni Affet")

Former Notable Programming:

  • "Top 5," a music show
  • "Ariāna dar Nim-e roz," a talk and cultural show
  • "Haqiqat" (The Truth), an investigative political show
  • "Khanda Hāy-e Girya Dār," a comedy show
  • "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?," the Afghan version of the British game show
  • "Chashme Shishayi," a cinema show