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Mahin : مهین (فیلم ۱۳۹۶) : "Mahin" is a documentary film directed by Mohammad Hossein Heidari and produced by Mehdi Mothar, released in 2017. The documentary explores various aspects of the personality of Mehin Ghadiri and investigates the murders she was involved in. Mehin Ghadiri is recognized as Iran's first female serial killer, arrested in May 2009 after the murder of five women and one man, and was executed in December 2010.

The documentary was screened in 2019 in cinemas associated with the "Art and Experience" group.

In 2019, at the 38th Fajr Film Festival, Mohammad Taghipour was nominated for the Best Film Poster and won the Crystal Simorgh award. The following year, at the 20th Hafez Awards, Mohammad Hossein Heidari was nominated for Best Documentary and received the Hafez Statue.

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