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Dar Jostejooye Farideh

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Dar Jostejooye Farideh : در جستجوی فریده : Documentary "In Search of Farideh" , "In Search of Farideh" is a documentary directed and produced by Azadeh Moussavi and Kourosh Ataee, released in 2018. The film premiered at the 36th Fajr International Film Festival and was selected as Iran's entry for the 2020 Oscars.

The film follows the story of a girl named Farideh, who was abandoned at the Imam Reza shrine forty years ago. She was later adopted by a Dutch couple and taken to the Netherlands. Over the years, Farideh has been hesitant to return to Iran due to fear and the lack of desire from her adoptive family to revisit her homeland. However, after years of longing, Farideh embarks on a journey to find her biological family. For the first time, she travels to Iran to see her birthplace and meet with three families who claim to be her real relatives.