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Saazesh : فیلم سازش  : Reconciliation: A Comedy by Mohammad Matusalani

"Reconciliation," a comedic film directed and written by Mohammad Matusalani, graced the screens of Iranian cinemas in 1974. Notably, this film marked the first and last comedic role of Behrouz Vossoughi.

Plot Summary: Javad, a young man full of wit and charm, finds himself enamored with a girl named Batoul. Complicating matters, his mother falls ill, prompting Javad to contemplate stealing from a woman named Ziba to cover his mother's medical expenses. However, things take an unexpected turn when Javad discovers the relationship between Ziba and Mr. Khalaiq, the head of the local association. Javad decides to shift his strategy from theft to extortion. The following day, he visits Khalaiq's house to present his demand. Khalaiq, burdened by financial troubles caused by his wife, reluctantly agrees to pay the ransom. In a twist of fate, Javad becomes the head of the association and forgets about his previous romantic interest in Batoul.

Film Highlights: Initially, the role of Batoul was intended for a calm portrayal, but ultimately, it was brilliantly executed by Noush-Afarin.


  • Behrouz Vossoughi
  • Nouri Keshvari
  • Mahin Shahabi
  • Noush-Afarin
  • Arman
  • Majid Mozaffari
  • Mehran Sadr
  • Rahleh
  • Mahdavi Far

"Reconciliation" is a timeless comedy that captures the essence of humor and clever plot twists, showcasing the talent of its exceptional cast, including the memorable comedic performance of Behrouz Vossoughi.

Behrouz Vossoughi
Behrouz Vossoughi
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Mahin Shahabi
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Majid Mozaffari
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