Morghe Tokhm Tala : مرغ تخم‌ طلا (The Golden Egg): A 1952 Iranian Musical Film

Director: Mehdi Rais-Farouz Writer: Parviz Khatibi

Overview: "Morgh-e Takhmol" or "The Golden Egg" is a musical film produced by Pars Film Studios in 1952. The film had its premiere on June 20, 1952, across fourteen cinemas in Tehran, including Universal, Pacific, Iran, Saina, Tisfoon, Morad, Monaco, Persepolis, Darius, Karun, Darya, Mahtab, Crystal, and Astara.

Plot Summary: The story revolves around Mash Rajab Kharkon (played by Mohammad-Taqi Khoenmoossi), who discovers a chicken that lays golden eggs. A jeweler (Mahmoud Behroozi) tries to deceitfully take the chicken away from him by manipulating Rajab's second wife (Parvin Soleimani). However, before that happens, Rajab's sons, Saeed (Mohammad Hemayoun) and Saad (Bahman Mofid), take the chicken and consume its heart and liver on their journey.

Separated on their paths, Saad enters a city and becomes its ruler, while Saeed finds a stash of gold coins. Unfortunately, a woman (Parvin Malekooti) and her maid (Shahnaz) steal Saeed's coins. Saeed finds a magical hat and stick, and during a hunting expedition, he encounters Mehtab (Marjan), the daughter of another city's Amir. However, Amir conspires to separate Mehtab from Saeed, and she ends up imprisoned in her room.

In Saeed's absence, Mehtab cries so much that she loses her eyesight. When Saeed returns and uses his magical stick to restore Mehtab's sight, he is captured and tortured. However, with the help of his magical tools, Saeed saves Mehtab, and in the end, Amir agrees to have his brother marry Mehtab.

Note: The film showcases elements of fantasy and adventure, incorporating magical elements such as a magical hat and stick, contributing to its whimsical narrative. Additionally, the film includes musical elements, characteristic of the Iranian cinema of that era.

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  • Release date : Jan. 12, 1952
  • Director : Mehdi RaeesFirooz
  • Actors: Bahman Mofid Bahman Mofid, Marjan Marjan
  • Writer : Parviz Khatibi
  • Genre : comedy
  • IMDB Rating : 8
  • Language : Persian
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