Mercedes | مرسدس

Mercedes : مرسدس (فیلم) : "Mercedes" is an Iranian film directed and produced by Masoud Kimiai, with the screenplay co-written by Asghar Abdollahi and Masoud Kimiai, released in 1997.

Story Summary:
Esfandiar is tasked with replacing his ill father on a trip, using his father's Mercedes Benz. Seizing the opportunity of having a luxury car at his disposal, Esfandiar decides to postpone the trip by a day to enjoy the ride with his friends. Throughout the day, they experience a series of unfortunate events that lead them all to despise the Mercedes. The next morning, overwhelmed by the events, Esfandiar sets the car on fire.


Mohammad Reza Foroutan as Esfandiar (Esi), the main character
Marjan Shirmohammadi as Ziba
Rambod Shekarrabi as Hamid
Parsa Pirouzfar as Yahya
Shervin Fathi as Davood
Kianoosh Gerami as Rostam
Akbar Moazezi as the Doctor
Abbas Ghajar as Issa Khan
Seyed Ebrahim Bahrololoumi as Hamid's father
Ali-Asghar Tabasi as a police officer
Susan Salimi as the old woman in the neighborhood
Davoud Emadi as the director
Hooshang Noori as the cinematographer
Mehdi Sabaei as the director's assistant
Ali Vafadar as the actor in the movie
Asghar Rahmani as the minibus driver
Behnaz Ayar as Rostam's wife
Javad Gholami as Rostam's brother-in-law
Roya Aminian as the Gypsy
Mohsen Afshar as the motorcycle driver
Mojgan Faramarzi as the Gypsy
Amir Ali Mirzaei as the Daf player
Ardeshir Iran-Nejad as the Daf player
Majid Tayyebi as the Daf player
Baharak Bahrololoumi as the Gypsy girl
"Mercedes" stands out as a poignant narrative exploring themes of youthful exuberance, the fleeting nature of happiness, and the harsh consequences of imprudent actions, showcasing Masoud Kimiai's distinctive …