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Maahe Asal : ماه عسل : directed and written by Fereydoun Goleh, is a product of the Iranian year 1355 (Shamsi calendar).

The movie, produced by Siera Film, was created in the year 1354 (solar calendar), and its first screening took place on March 18, 1354, under the title "Special Nowruz Program of 1355" in cinemas across Tehran and other cities. Consequently, the film is considered a product of the year 1355.

The film was initially screened in 12 cinemas in Tehran, including Asia, Rex, Shohoun, Lido, Neptune, Zhaleh, Tuska, Olympia, Pasargad, Natalie, Charkh-e-Falak, and Silversity (Gholhak). Simultaneously, it was shown in cinemas in various cities such as Isfahan, Mashhad, Lahijan, Bandar Abbas, Babol, Khorramabad, Borujerd, Zanjan, Yazd, Ramsar, Langarud, Andimeshk, Kermanshah, Sari, Bandar Pahlavi, Qazvin, Shiraz, Gorgan, Tabriz, Amol, Rasht, Abadan, Ahvaz, and Shahr-e-Sowar.

The film's screenings concluded after 21 days on April 7, 1355, and the next day, the showing of the feature film "Without an Award" began in that cinema group.

Plot Summary: Reza and his mother, Mahtab, are close companions with the Hossein family, known as Khan Baba. Reza spends his time with Changiz, a member of the family, and has an affection for his sister, Mino. While Khan Uncle is agreeable to their union, Khan Baba opposes it, planning for Mahmoud, Akbar Khan's son, to marry his daughter. When Mino objects, they introduce Houshang, a young man returning from the United States with his own proposal. Houshang, who already has a fiancée abroad, persuades Reza, with the help of Khan Uncle, to insist on his love for Mino. Eventually, Khan Baba and Changiz agree to let Mino and Reza get married.

Cast and Voice Actors:

  • Behrouz Vosoughi as Changiz Jallilond
  • Faeze Atashin as Shahrbanou
  • Jamsheed Mashayekhi as Hossein Erfani
  • Reza Karam Rezai Moghbeli as Moghbeli
  • Ali Sabet Farr as Manuchehr Walizadeh
  • Hamideh Kheirabadi as Simin Sarkoob
  • Jalal Pishvaiean as Sadeq Mahroo

Voice Actors:

  • Soheil Beiglou as Changiz Jallilond

Behrouz Vossoughi
Behrouz Vossoughi
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Jamshid Mashayekhi
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Hamide Kheyrabadi
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Reza Karam Rezai
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