Kooseye Jonoob : کوسه جنوب"Kooshe-ye Jonoub" is a film directed by Samuel Khachikian and produced in 1977.

Synopsis: Akbar, Nader, Abbas, and Reza, whose friendships have been formed since childhood, each pursue their own dreams. Abbas and Nader join the military, Akbar becomes involved with his uncle's smuggling group, and Reza, who is physically challenged, has no dreams other than continuing his friendship with the other three. Masoumeh, Reza's sister, and Akbar are romantically interested in each other. Akbar gains credibility among the members of the smuggling group and earns the nickname "Kooshe" (Shark). During a smuggling operation, he kills a customs officer and is seriously wounded. Abbas hands him over to the police, and he is sentenced to death. Masoumeh visits Akbar and agrees to marry him. Akbar, before his execution, requests that Nader be the one to carry out the sentence. With tearful eyes, Masoumeh, Abbas, and Reza watch as Akbar is executed by Nader.


  • Iraj Ghaderi
  • Shahab Asghari
  • Morteza Aghili
  • Aram
  • Houshang Mansourkhaki
  • Khashayar

"Kooshe-ye Jonoub" explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice against the backdrop of a smuggling operation and the harsh realities of life. The film features a talented cast and is notable for its dramatic storytelling.

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  • Release date : Jan. 16, 1977
  • Director : Samuel Khakichian
  • Actors: Iraj Ghaderi Iraj Ghaderi, Morteza Aghili Morteza Aghili, Aram Aram
  • Writer : Bahman Zarinpour
  • Genre : action
  • IMDB Rating : 7
  • Language : Persian
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