Kandoo | فیلم کندو

Kandoo : کندو (فیلم ۱۳۵۴) : "Kandu" is a film written and directed by Farrokh Ghaffari, produced by Saira Film in 1975. The movie premiered simultaneously in twelve theaters in Tehran on December 21, 1975. It was hailed as one of the best films in the history of Iranian cinema according to a survey conducted by film critics and writers in a monthly cinema magazine.

The story revolves around Abi (Behrouz Vossoughi) and Agha Hosseini (Davood Rashidi), who, after their release from prison, become separated in the heart of Tehran. Abi, following a promise made by Agha Fakouri in prison, obtains a phone number but finds no one answering the call. As Abi navigates the city, he reunites with Agha Hosseini in a notorious neighborhood. It turns out that Agha Hosseini, initially planning to head south, has changed his mind. The two settle in a café owned by a shady character (Abbas Nazari Nik) who supports any illicit activity for his gain. Abdullah (Hossein Shahab Hosseini), once a wrestler who defeated Abi in a fight but now addicted, succumbs to death in a corner of the café.

Agha Hosseini, after winning the "Turna" game, decides that Abi should traverse from Lalehzar Street to Tajrish Bridge, visiting cafés and restaurants without money, and enjoy free food and drinks. Agha Mustafa (Jalal Pishvaian), believing Abi can't handle the challenge, makes a bet with Agha Hosseini. While they monitor Abi's adventure, Mustafa has made deals with some cafés to hinder Abi's progress, intending to win the bet. Abi, upon discovering this, alters his route, passing through seven cafés and ending up battered but fulfilling his promise. Agha Hosseini, in a scuffle with café owner Mustafa, injures him with a knife. Abi and Agha Hosseini are caught by the police, and once again, Abi finds …



  • Original title
  • Alternative titles
    فیلم کندو
  • Director
    Fereydoone Gole
  • Writer
    Fereydoone Gole
  • Country
  • Year
  • Release date
    Jan. 8, 1975