Kafshhaye Mirza Nowrooz : کفش‌های میرزا نوروز  : "Mirza Norooz's Shoes" is a classic Iranian comedy film directed by Mohammad Moteselani and written by Dariush Farhang, released in 1985. The film stars notable actors such as Ali Nasirian, Mohammad Ali Keshavarz, Saeed Amir Soleimani, and Jamshid Layegh, who bring the humorous and poignant story to life.

Plot Summary
The film revolves around Mirza Norooz, a stubborn apothecary who refuses to discard his old, patched-up shoes for new ones. This insistence becomes the source of ridicule in the town, causing his family, unable to bear the shame any longer, to leave him. They set the condition that they will only return if Mirza buys new shoes. Reluctantly agreeing, Mirza attempts to dispose of his old shoes, but each attempt to get rid of them leads to more trouble, eventually bringing him before the town's judge. The situation escalates to the point where Mirza Norooz faces execution. In a dramatic turn of events, he is saved from death at the last moment. By burning his old shoes, he frees himself from the past and reunites with his family, ready to start a peaceful life.

Moteselani has explained that the screenplay for "Mirza Norooz's Shoes" is based on writings by Susan Taslimi and also draws inspiration from Bahram Beyzaie's "The Blessed Shoes."

The film's impact went beyond entertainment, as the term "Mirza Norooz's Shoes" entered colloquial language to humorously describe something outdated or worn out. This cinematic work is remembered for its cultural significance and its reflection on societal norms and personal pride.

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  • Release date : Feb. 5, 1985
  • Director : Mohamad Motevaselani
  • Actors: Ali Nasirian Ali Nasirian
  • Writer : Sousan Taslimi
  • Genre : comedy
  • IMDB Rating : 7
  • Language : Persian
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