Jahanam + Man : جهنم + من "Jahannam + Man" is an Iranian film directed by Mohammad Ali Fardin and written by Sabkteen Salur. The movie was released in 1351 (1972) during the Eid al-Fitr.

Plot Summary:

A group of travelers is heading to Mashhad to perform pilgrimage and seek forgiveness. A prisoner named Timur, under the supervision of a gendarme, manipulates them into getting lost in the desert. Timur overpowers the gendarme and escapes with the bus. He is the only one who knows the way, but the bus runs out of fuel, leaving Timur wandering in the desert.

Fereydoun (Mohammad Ali Fardin), nicknamed Moforfori, gets into a conflict with Timur over the possession of a drinkable water source. Fereydoun disarms Timur. Mirza (Reza Abdollahi) and his pregnant wife (Nazanin) die of thirst. Fereydoun, with the advice of Ghulam (Davood Rashidi) and a well-known woman named Zari (Farzaneh Taidi), along with a girl (Pouri Banai) who is fond of him, decides to concoct a plan to make Timur a scapegoat and reach a settlement by following their footsteps. However, Timur kills Ghulam in the middle of the journey, and the others succumb one by one to thirst and sunstroke.

When Timur and Fereydoun engage in a struggle, a venomous snake bites Timur, bringing him to the ground. Fereydoun manages to reach a settlement himself and returns with a camel to rescue the surviving girl.


  • Mohammad Ali Fardin
  • Pouri Banai
  • Yadollah Shirandami
  • Farzaneh Taidi
  • Davood Rashidi
  • Nazanin
  • Mansour Jahanshahi
  • Reza Abdollahi
  • Mohammad Taghi Khanmoei

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  • Release date : Jan. 1, 1972
  • Director : Mohammad Ali Fardin
  • Actors: Mohamad Ali Fardin Mohamad Ali Fardin, Pouri Banaei Pouri Banaei, Davoud Rashidi Davoud Rashidi, Farzaneh Taidi Farzaneh Taidi
  • Writer : Mohammad Ali Fardin
  • Genre : action
  • IMDB Rating : 7
  • Language : Persian
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  • Tags: جهنم + من Jahanam + Man jahanam be ezafe man جهنم به اضافه من فیلم های ایرانی - جهنم به اضافه من جهنم به اضافه من فردین پوری بنایی
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