Ganje Ghaaroon : گنج قارون : "Ganj-e Qarun" is an Iranian film directed by Siamak Yasemi in 1965. The main cast includes Mohammad Ali Fardin, Forouzan, Taqi Zavvari, and Arman Hovsepian. The story revolves around a wealthy man named Qarun who, on the brink of suicide due to past mistakes, is saved by a young man named Ali. Qarun stays at Ali's house, and as the story unfolds, it is revealed that Qarun is Ali's father who had abandoned him and his mother years ago. The son rejects the father, and Qarun, regretful of his past, attempts to win back his son, ultimately succeeding.

The film was notable for being the first Iranian movie to reach a million-toman box office revenue. Mohammad Ali Fardin played the lead role, and Iraj Ghaderi directed the music. The soundtrack included three songs performed by Iraj, titled "Ali Bi Gham," "Ganj-e Qarun," and "Omadam Az Hind Omadam," which contributed to Iraj's increased popularity.

The main cast consisted of:

  • Mohammad Ali Fardin as Ali Bi Gham
  • Forouzan as Shirin
  • Taqi Zavvari as Hasan Joghjoghe
  • Arman Hovsepian as Qarun
  • Abbas Shabaviz as Faramarz
  • Rafi Halati as Pishkar Qarun
  • Iran Ghaderi as Ali's mother
  • Maroutian as Shirin's father

The story portrays themes of regret, redemption, and the complex relationship between a father and son.

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  • Release date : Jan. 7, 1965
  • Director : Siamak Yasmi
  • Actors: Mohamad Ali Fardin Mohamad Ali Fardin, Taghi Zohuri Taghi Zohuri, Arman Arman, Forouzan Forouzan
  • Writer : Siamak Yasmi
  • Genre : family
  • IMDB Rating : 8
  • Language : Persian
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  • Tags: گنج قارون Ganje Ghaaroon Ganj-e Qarun ganje gharoon fardin فیلم گنج قارون مرحوم فردین بازیگران گنج قارون
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