Baraadarkoshi : برادرکشی (Brother-Killing): A 1978 Iranian Film

Director: Iraj Ghaderi
Writer: Saeed Motalebi
Producers: Reza Noursetehfar and Mahmoud Zarei Baf

Plot Summary: "Brother-Killing" revolves around two families entangled in long-standing enmity and deep-rooted animosity due to a murder incident. Periodically, these tensions erupt into bloody conflicts between the members of these two families. The fathers of the families, Gholam, Hesam, and Sam, are in prison for killing Reza, the uncle of the rival family, including Hojat, Hashmat, and Belghis.

Hesam, while secretly going to Reza's house to retrieve his pigeon, is killed by Reza. After a while, Sam and Belghis, the son and daughter from these rival families, fall in love with each other, leading to a new confrontation between the two families. The conflicts intensify, prompting the son and daughter to decide to escape the feud. However, they are arrested by the police, and the daughter is returned home.

In an attempt to prevent her forced marriage to the apprentice of her family, Sam leaves the house, severely beaten and injured. Despite the difficulties, he manages to reach the wedding ceremony and confronts the situation. Ghulam, Sam's older brother, comes to his aid. After confronting Reza and his brothers, Ghulam reproaches his father, leading to a transformation. The father decides to end the hostility, agrees to Sam and Belghis's marriage, and starts taking steps towards reconciliation.

Note: The film explores themes of family feuds, love, and the consequences of long-standing enmity. The narrative weaves a tale of conflict, transformation, and the possibility of reconciliation against a backdrop of familial strife.

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  • Release date : Jan. 12, 1978
  • Director : Iraj Ghaderi
  • Actors: Bahman Mofid Bahman Mofid, Iraj Ghaderi Iraj Ghaderi
  • Writer : Saeed Motalebi
  • Genre : crime
  • IMDB Rating : 8
  • Language : Persian
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