Zhaleh Karimi
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Zhaleh Karimi

Birthday: None
Place of birth: Tehran
Also known as: ['ژاله كريمی']

Persian Name: ژاله كريمی

Zhaleh Karimi's Biography

Zhaleh Karimi...

Jaleh Karimi: Iranian actress of the pre-1979 Iranian cinema

Jaleh Karimi was an Iranian actress who appeared in films before the 1979 Iranian Revolution. She was best known as the on-screen partner of Nasser-Tadavud.


  • Mr. Etemad's Problem (1977)
  • An Isfahani in Hitler's Land (1977)
  • My Husband Is in Love (1976)
  • Technical Problem (1976)
  • Crossing the Border of Life (1975)
  • Rented Husband (1974)
  • Escape from Paradise (1974)
  • Stepson (1973)
  • The Playboy (1973)
  • Who Threw the Bouquet in the Water? (1973)
  • The Captain with God (1973)
  • Stubbornness and Stubbornness (1972)
  • Happy Birthday (1972)

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