Taghi Zohuri
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Taghi Zohuri

Birthday: Jan. 21, 1913
Place of birth: Emamzadeh Taher, Karaj, Iran
Also known as: ['تقی ظهوری', 'Таги Зохури']

Persian Name: تقی ظهوری

Taghi Zohuri's Biography

Taghi Zohuri...

Taghi Zohuri : تقی ظهوری (born: January 20, 1912 – died: March 1, 1992) was an Iranian actor and comedian.

Life He graduated from the first year of the Fine Arts High School in Tehran. After completing his education, he joined the Ministry of Justice. Zahouri began his artistic activities in the theaters of Tehran in 1936, performing in plays such as "Mashhadi Ebad," "Behlul," "Yusuf and Zulaikha," and "Khesis." He ventured into cinema with the film "Variety Spring" and later engaged in dubbing and radio play performances.

Artistic Activities In 1971, Zahouri was involved in the films "Badeha Dar Rah-e Khoda" (Reza Saffaee), "Khoshgol-e Mahalleh" (Ebrahim Golestan), "Donya Male Maneh" (Khosrow Parviz), and "Dark Trees Stand Still" (Amir Shervan), showcasing his talent.

One of his notable contributions was his participation in the film "Ganj-e Qarun" alongside Mohammad Ali Fardin. He gained recognition for his role in this successful film.

Retirement In 1971, Zahouri decided to retire from acting. Newspapers published his retirement announcement on September 27, 1971. After this decision, he went on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Following his return, the Artists' Guild proposed that he serve as a senior advisor to the guild, a position he accepted. Zahouri refrained from acting in any films after his retirement.

Famous Productions Some of Zahouri's renowned works include:

  • Ganj-e Qarun
  • Yusuf and Zulaikha
  • Khesis
  • Behlul
  • Mashhadi Ebad
  • Maashoogheh Hameh
  • Dezh-o Pasban
  • Noker-e Zire Dast
  • Ashk-haye Eshq
  • Dezdeh Nashi Ghassam

Taqi Zahouri passed away on March 1, 1992.

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